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More than expected people attended the lecture on the 13th of December in Pilisvörösvár. The lecture gave information about how can people supplement the medical and naturopathic practices on their own in order to help their physical, spiritual and mental health, and prolong life. It was held by Róbert Opál,

The lecture on the 29th of November in Pilisvörösvár, held in the House of Arts finished as a huge success. Róbert Opál’s The energetics of relationships lecture was met with tenacious attention from the audience, who could learn about the human energy fields, the energy-flows between partners and the difference between male and female thought process

The Annual Congress of Naturopathy is held in the Aquincum Hotel in Budapest on the 7th of May, 2016. One of the invited lecturers is Róbert Opál, with the presentation titled: Fight Club: medicine, energetics, martial arts. The presentation is unique for this is the first time of touching the topic in the history of the congresses.





Focusing on healthy living

Roundtable thinkers

Health is an irreplaceable value, which is best protected and preserved if we continuously pay attention to it. The club for the supporters’ goal is the creation of a life-focused, knowledge-based roundtable and an attentive community each other’s values.






Reach higher!

Spiritual methods in naturopathy.

· course for experts ·


The Spiritual methods in naturopathy course is recommended for naturopathics, medical experts and doctors, however others are also welcome. Spiritual medicine includes religious, esoteric, and mystical cures in which the illnesses are treated with cosmic energies that are said to be of spiritual or divine nature.




Believe in victory!

Naturopathy in the treatment of sports injuries.

· courses for everyone ·


Everything is important, everything counts. Even the slightest dissonance can influence the reaching of the top performance. Every sportsman, trainer and leader is concerned with the sportsmen’s health and capacity. Naturopathy helps in the retaining of health and in performance improvement. The acquired knowledge can open new horizons regarding work too.




Trust in nature!

Remedy with the help if naturopathy.

· course for experts ·


Sportsmen long for the best results, fastest regeneration and perfect health. Sportsmen heal differently than ordinary people, but their problems are often more severe and different too. The Therapy with the help of naturopathy course offers extra knowledge for doctors and naturopathics.




Asclepius (Latin: Aesculapius), whom after our foundation is named was an ancient Greek god of medicine who emerged from humankind.

The Asclepius Naturopathic Medicine Rehabilitation and Sport Management Foundation was established in 2014. The founder is Dr. univ. Sándor Opál, CSc. member of public body of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, psychic surgeon, Reiki master, Lord of Glencairn.

Board of trustees: Ferenc Várhegyi (chairman), István Gábor Braun, Róbert Szabolcs Opál.

Board of supervisors: Dr. Éva Bajnok, Andrea Matyasovszkiné Csikai, Dr. Andrea Greiner.






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