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At our events, the average attendees and the professionals can also find topics of their interest. At our courses and classes we provide information about how naturopathy can help improving the sportsmen’s performance, the treatment of injuries and the rehabilitation. We are also concerned with the energetics of human relationships, because understanding them can improve personal relationships and social life. At our conferences one can get familiar with naturopathy’s role in performance improvement, its role in healing and its usage in modern medicine.





Spiritual methods in naturopathy

The name of the course: The hidden energies of relationships

Visible and invisible energies weave through and affect our world. This is no different in relationships. The three occasions of the course provides insight to this world and its rules, and with the help of this one can influence and harmonise human relationships. Bad relationships can not only destroy the soul’s balance and the harmony of life, but can also hinder work and sport performances. Understanding the energetic background of human relationships can help individual and social growth.



Remedy with the help if naturopathy

The name of the course: The role of herbs in reaching top performances

Sportsmen have to be on top at many levels, including: strength, stamina, agility, flexibility and concentration. Many techniques exist to improve and retain these skills. A recently rediscovered field is the usage of herbs in medicine. The three occasions of the course gives information about the herbs that can improve and retain the above mentioned skills while acting in a positive way regarding health.



Naturopathy in the treatment of sports injuries

The name of the course: Bioenergetic methods of sports-performance improvement

The western sportsmen are continuously opening up to the usage of energy medicine and its performance-giving aspects. More and more sportsmen in Hungary have experiences of it, but there are still a lot of popular fallacies because of the lack of knowledge of the basics regarding natural energies. The three occasions of the course provides insight to the traditions and the methodology of bioenergetics, to its widespread practical uses and its scientific background in the 21st century.





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