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The name of the course: The role of herbs in reaching top performances

Sportsmen have to be on top at many levels, including: strength, stamina, agility, flexibility and concentration. Many techniques exist to improve and retain these skills. A recently rediscovered field is the usage of herbs in medicine. The three occasions of the course gives information about the herbs that can improve and retain the above mentioned skills while acting in a positive way regarding health.

The name of the course: The secrets of youth – long life

Youth is not only a period in life, but in every age, the best achievable physical and spiritual performance and state. The lecture provides information about how can people supplement the medical and naturopathic practices on their own in order to help their physical, spiritual and mental health. The lecture also presents the herbs and natural practices that help in achieving long and quality life and how can one breathe new life into oneself, for getting younger is not impossible anymore.





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