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More than expected people attended the lecture on the 13th of December in Pilisvörösvár. The lecture gave information about how can people supplement the medical and naturopathic practices on their own in order to help their physical, spiritual and mental health, and prolong life. It was held by Róbert Opál,

The lecture on the 29th of November in Pilisvörösvár, held in the House of Arts finished as a huge success. Róbert Opál’s The energetics of relationships lecture was met with tenacious attention from the audience, who could learn about the human energy fields, the energy-flows between partners and the difference between male and female thought process

The Annual Congress of Naturopathy is held in the Aquincum Hotel in Budapest on the 7th of May, 2016. One of the invited lecturers is Róbert Opál, with the presentation titled: Fight Club: medicine, energetics, martial arts. The presentation is unique for this is the first time of touching the topic in the history of the congresses.

On the 29th of November, 2015, between 4:00 pm and 7:00 PM a free event is held by Asclepius Naturopathic Medicine Rehabilitation and Sport Management Foundation in the House of Arts (Művészetek Háza). The presenter is Róbert Opál, with the presentation Hidden Energies of Relationships. The topic is ever relevant,

In November, 2015 Ferenc Várhegyi held two-two presentations at the University of Physical Education and the Corvinus University in the topics of the economics of equestrian sports and the technical and equestrian sports and their role in tourism. During the classes, the attendees became familiar with the general concepts of the sports,

Róbert Opál was invited to the Esoteric Festival of Veľký Meder.

The topic of the presentation, held with Judit Demjén-Antal is: Salvation and harmonic development (the teachings of Dr. Grigorij Grabovoj and Dr. Arkagyij Petrov).

Our event calendar of 2015/2016 is completed. Among the events there will be courses for doctors, naturopathic doctors, for the general population, and for the professionals working in the fields of leisure time sports and competitive sports. We are planning to hold the events both in Budapest and in the non-capital areas too.  Come join us!

Ferenc Várhegyi participated in the academic conference titled: The countryside lives and wants to live (A vidék él és élni akar) held by the Kecskemét College. His presentation’s topic was the economics of equestrian sports.  The highly successful event was attended by representatives of various fields of studies,





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